PORTech MV-370 TCP/IP modem

The PORTech MV-370 is one of the few single-port GSM modems with a RJ-45 TCP/IP connection that is suitable for use as an SMS gateway. The TCP/IP connection allows it to be placed anywhere in a LAN or even on a remote location and it can easily be used in a virtual server environment.

The PORTech MV-370 is intended for voice over IP connections over the GSM network and it is readily available on the market by VOIP equipment resellers.

PORTech MV-370 specifications
GSM modems 1
GSM module Cinterion BG2-W
Connection RJ45 TCP/IP Ethernet
GSM Frequency bands 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Network protocols GSM, GPRS
PORTech MV-370

PORTech MV-370

Installation and set up

The PORTech modem comes with an external antenna, an external power supply, a network cable and a useful manual that makes it easy to set up the modem for the network. Inserting the SIM card and optionally setting the PIN code in the web interface of the modem is enough to get the modem to work.

Setting up the modem in Diafaan SMS Server is also easy. Just add a new GSM Modem Gateway, select "PORTech VoIP GSM Gateway" from the modem port list and enter the IP number, user name, password and optional PIN code of the PORTech modem. After testing the modem with the "Test" button and finishing the modem setup wizard, the PORTech modem is ready for use.

Optional settings

To increase the reliability of the modem, I set the "RebootBeforeInitialization" option to "True" in the advanced properties of the GSM modem Gateway after the initial setup. This option instructs Diafaan SMS Server to send a full modem reboot command to the modem whenever a problem occurs and prevents lock ups of the modem.

Daily operation

The PORTech MV-370 is a very reliable SMS modem. I expected some problems because the modem is intended for VOIP applications and not for SMS but the device works without any issues. All normal SMS features like long concatenated messages, Unicode messages, flash messages and delivery reports are supported. And the modem recovers well from problems like GSM network signal loss, network cable removal or removal of the SIM card.

Unfortunately, the modem is quite slow. The SMS send speed is even slower than other GSM modems with a Cinterion module that we have tested and most Cinterion modems are already slow compared to other modems brands.

SMS send speed*

Network Vodafone
Signal quality Average-High
Time to send 500 messages of 160 characters with 1 modem, delivery confirmation enabled. All messages sent to the same number (concurrent send and receive) 1 hour 33 minutes 22 seconds

* SMS throughput varies and depends on the GSM network and signal quality.

Other PORTech modem models

We have not tested other PORTech GSM modems but some of the other models should also work with Diafaan SMS Server. The MV-370-3G is comparable with the MV-370 but equipped with a 3G/UMTS module instead of a GSM module and should therefore have a faster SMS send speed. The MV-372 has two GSM modules but only one of the modules can be used at the same time to send SMS.


The PORTech MV-370 is an excellent GSM modem, if you can live with the relatively low SMS throughput.

As one of the few single-port TCP/IP modems on the market, it is a very good and reliable choice when you do not want to connect the GSM modem directly to a PC or server. It is ideal for use with a virtual server or when the signal quality of the GSM network is insufficient near the PC or server.