Hypermedia HG-7000 SMS PRO Gateway

Hypermedia systems ltd provides a range of wireless voice and SMS gateways aimed at the banking sector, health care, manufacturing, governments, mobile service operators and other demanding markets. The HG-7000 SMS PRO Gateway is a professional multi-port wireless SMS gateway device with support for 4 - 32 ports.

We did not test the HG-7000 in-house but Hypermedia kindly provided us with a remote connection to one their devices for our tests.

Note: Support for the Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway is available in the basic- and full editions of Diafaan SMS Server.

Hypermedia HG-7000

Hypermedia HG-7000

The HG-7000 SMS PRO Gateway

The HG-7000 is an SMS gateway hardware device with built-in send queue and card management features. For use with Diafaan SMS Server, this means that the basic edition can be used to send and receive SMS messages with all 32 GSM modules in the device.

Multiple Hypermedia HG-7000 gateways can be combined into a master-slave configuration where the hardware can be installed on multiple locations connected through the Internet.

Installation and set up

Since the HG-7000 was set-up remotely for us by the manufacturer, I did not have to change any settings on the device itself. Adding the Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway in Diafaan SMS Server is straightforward, just add a new "Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway" to Diafaan SMS Server, enter the IP address, port number, client ID and password and the gateway is ready for use. The Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway supports all standard SMS options like large multipart messages, Unicode, binary messages and flash messages.

The SIM card routing of the messages is handled by the device itself, but it is also possible to use one SIM card or a group of SIM cards to send and receive SMS messages with the Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway. In Diafaan SMS Server you can assign different SIM cards to different Gateways, making it possible for instance to route messages from a Web Connector to one SIM card and messages from the Email Connector to another.

SMPP support

With an additional license, the Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway also supports the SMPP protocol. The Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway only supports SMPP transceiver mode, and since the default settings in Diafaan SMS Server uses a separate Sender and Receiver connection I had to change this setting in the Advanced settings of the SMPP Gateway properties. After that, the SMPP connection to the Hypermedia HG-7000 Gateway worked without problems.


The Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway works very well with Diafaan SMS Server. The message speed was a bit slow, but that also had to do with settings in the device that were optimized for reliability instead of speed.

The HG-7000 is more expensive than basic GSM modem pools but it offers a lot of extra features that are especially valuable in the professional environments for which the device is intended.

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