Huawei E1750 3G modem

The Huawei E1750 3G modem is a popular GSM/UMTS USB wireless modem.

I tested an O2 branded version of the Huawei E1750 3G modem with Diafaan SMS Server on the 64-bits version of Windows 7.

Huawei E1750 specifications
Connection USB 2.0
GSM Frequency bands 850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS Frequency bands 2100
Network protocols GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSUPA, HSDPA
Huawei E1750 O2 branded

Huawei E1750 O2 branded


Like most Huawei 3G modems, the E1750 installs itself as a USB drive with on-board driver software. Installation is straightforward, plug the device in the USB port and the drivers install automatically. When Autostart for USB devices is disabled, it is sufficient to click on the Autorun.exe program on the USB drive in the Computer folder. The software also installs the Huawei (or O2 in my case) Mobile Connection Manager software to manage the network connection.

The Huawei E1750 modem is found immediately by the GSM Modem Gateway in Diafaan SMS Server. The modem uses two virtual serial ports, in my case COM3 and COM9, either one can be used by Diafaan SMS Server. If you want to use Mobile Connection Manager together with Diafaan SMS Server (not advisable!) it is only possible to use the first COM port since the other one will be in use by the Mobile Connection Manager software.

Daily operation

I tested the Huawei E1750 for a couple of days and found no problems. All SMS features are supported, including delivery confirmation and other SMS status reports. The Huawei E1750 recovers well when the PC resumes from sleep mode and I encountered no USB driver problems.

SMS send speed

Network Vodafone
Signal quality Low
Time to send 500 messages of 160 characters, delivery confirmation enabled. All messages sent to the same number (concurrent send and receive) 13 minutes 50 seconds


The Huawei E1750 is an excellent 3G modem for use with Diafaan SMS Server. Branded versions of the dongle are inexpensive and the modem is a suitable SMS modem in most installations.