SQL database driven SMS gateway

The SQL database connectivity of Diafaan SMS Server saves precious development time and makes it easy to add two-way SMS or pager text messaging to your application fast.

Setting up the SQL database connector is straightforward, just use the following easy steps.

Step 1, Create the database

Create a database automatically
Step 1a, Create the database automatically
If you use Microsoft SQL Server (Express), Diafaan SMS Server can automatically create the database tables for you. That's all, your done.
Create a database manually
Step 1b, Create the database manually
If you use another database platform, like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access or PostgreSQL, the first step is to create the database tables manually or to use an existing database. Then instruct Diafaan SMS Server to connect to it with a ODBC or OLE DB connection string. See instruction for some popular database platforms: MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft Access.

Step 2, Enter the database fields

Enter the database fields
After step 1b, specify the database tables and fields Diafaan SMS Server should use.

Send and receive text messages!

  • Just drop a new database record in the MessageOut database table to send a text message.
  • Received SMS messages are automatically stored in the MessageIn database table you set up.