Diafaan SMS Server change log

GSM Modem Emulator
September 10, 2023

* Functionally equivalent to the previous version but updated to work optimally with the latest versions of Android.

Diafaan SMS Server
August 16, 2023

* Added 'MessagesInSendQueue' statistic for each individual connector to the 'request-server-status' HTTP API response.

Bug fixes
* The 'Minimal HTTP client' option in the HTTP callbacks options was not saved.
* The option 'Log all messages to SQL/Excel Connector: ...' did not work for manually removed messages, and messages that had no available gateway to send.
* Issue with synchronization of the send queue display in the console program fixed, the list was not updated when a message was manually removed from the Outbox in the web application.
* Excel Connector: The connector status was never set to: 'Ready to send and receive messages'.

Diafaan SMS Server
July 28, 2023

New features
* HTTP Gateway: Wassenger (WhatsApp) added as a standard service to the HTTP Gateway.
* Email Connector: Experimental support added for XOAUTH2 authentication for the POP and SMTP clients. Specifically for Gmail and Outlook.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added 'DisableOnModemError' option to disable the gateway after x modemerrors of error y.
* SMPP Connector: Default sender ID option added.

* Scripting Gateway: ConnectorName parameter added to the MessageOut hashtable.
* Scripting Gateway: MessageInfo parameter added to the MessageOut hashtable.
* SMPP Gateway: Addition of event information to the communication log to facilitate error tracking.

Bug fixes
* SMPP Gateway: Some valid characters, like the underscore, in an alphanumeric source address were converted to an unvalid character.
* SQL Connector: Missing 'Message id' parameter in the 'SMS Log' settings caused an indefinite loop in the SQL Connector.
* Scripting Gateway: Designation of the primary and backup gateways in the 'PostDispatchMessage' call could lead to messages stuck in the queue when one of the gateways was disabled.
* HTTP Gateway: Bug fixed in the MessageBird script that prevented the delivery status to update.

Diafaan SMS Server Installer
November 8, 2022

Bug fixes
* Installer: License update period expiration was not detected and the installer allowed installation of Diafaan SMS Server when the new version would not work with the license anymore.

Diafaan SMS Server
October 19, 2022

New features
* Excel Connector added to all three editions of Diafaan SMS Server.

* Excel Connectors are added to the 'Log all message to...' setting in the general options.
* Option added for a black list/white list file to 'Only for ...' routing options of all connectors.
* Warning events added to the event log when a gateway becomes marked as unavailable and when it is available again.

Bug fixes
* Email Connector: The 'Test' procedure for the POP3 client was not entirely similar to the normal login procedure and the test failed on some POP3 servers.
* Web Connector: The web application showed errors when the message data contained control characters. Control characters are now filtered out of the the web application.

Diafaan SMS Server
April 4, 2022
New features
* Console program: Added option to filter the send log and receive log lists with a keyword.
* Support added for TLS 1.3 (when enabled on Windows and .NET framework).
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added option to disable the gateway after x failed messages.
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to disable the gateway after x failed messages.
* SMPP Connector: Added 'LocalIPAddress' property to allow binding the service to a single IP address.

* 'user_name' field added to the 'message_out' HTTP callback query.
* GSM Modem Gateway: AT+CGATT=0 command removed from the initialization because of incompatibility with some modern LTE modems.
* HTTP Gateway: BulkSMS endpoint changed from bulksms.vsms.net to api-legacy2.bulksms.com
* Manual selection of TLS protocols removed, Windows now selects the best available SSL/TLS protocol automatically.

Bug fixes
* Clickatell Gateway: The gateway could only use older obsolete SSL/TLS protocols that are now disabled by Clickatell.
* SMPP Connector: Invalid 'RemoveMessageInRecordList' error warning removed from the event log.
* SQL Connector: The 'Database' tab page in the settings sometimes reported wrong 32- or 64- bit driver requirement.

Diafaan SMS Server
January 12, 2021

New features
* New option added to use a C# script for the HTTP Callback handling. The C# script runs internally in Diafaan SMS Server and is much faster than the other HTTP callback options.

* Paging Gateway: Support for TLS 1.2 added for the SMTP email client

Bug fixes
* Protocol Connector: UCP over modememulation did not work, UCP packet was not recognized and handled.
* SMPP Gateway: Decoding error fixed for DLRs with optional TLV parameters.
* SMPP Gateway: Done date in receipts was handled incorrectly for the year 2021 and later.

Diafaan SMS Server
November 13, 2020
* Email Connector: Support added for TLS 1.2 to all email protocols.
* SMPP Connector: improved handling of receipts for multipart messages.
* SQL Connector: SMSOutTLVList database field added to set an optional SMPP TLV parameter list.

Bug fixes
* Email Connector: SMTP client tried to sent emails multiple times, causing a 503 5.5.1 Error error in the SMTP protocol.
* SMPP Connector: With a 'RegisteredDelivery' value of more than 3, DLR's where not always sent back to the SMPP client.
* SQL Connector: ODBC option with MS SQL Server triggered error 'Operand type clash: text is incompatible with int ...'.

Diafaan SMS Server
June 15, 2020
Bug fix
* Additional bug fix for the send queue display problem.

Diafaan SMS Server
June 11, 2020
* SQL Connector: Added 'HandleSchedulingInDatabase' option, default behavior reverted to handling 'Scheduled' logic in the SQL database

Bug fix
* The send queue list in the console program did not always reflect the actual send message queue, specifically with messages sent from the SQL Connector.

Diafaan SMS Server
May 4, 2020
* Accept invalid (e.g. self-signed) server certificates for HTTP calls throughout Diafaan SMS Server
* Added option to accept messages in message_in and message_out HTTP callback calls with timeout errors or missing 'result' parameter.
* Added 'message_id' parameter to the 'message_in' HTTP callback.
* Added Subject Alternative Names (SAN) to the certificate generator to support multiple IP addresses and DNS names in one certificate.
* Unhandled exceptions in threads are now written to the 'UnhandledExceptions.log' file in the application folder.
* GSM Modem Gateway: 'NumberTemplate' option added for received SMS messages.
* Scripting Gateway: Option added to set the connector (list) for inbound messages in the script.
* SMPP Connector: Option 'IngnoreTLVParameters' added to allow disabling TLV's for SMPP clients that don't support them.
* SMPP Gateway: Added SendLimit functionality.
* SQL Connector: 'Scheduled' logic moved from the SQL Connector to the send queue.
* Web Connector: Added 'Scheduled' option to HTTP API.
* Web Connector: Added 'OkResponse' and 'ErrorResponse' properties to be able to change the HTTP API response to a fixed string.
* Web Connector: Added 'RemoveDuplicateNumbers' option to allow duplicate numbers for each HTTP API call.

Bug fixes
* Minimal HTTP callback client did not use the allowed SSL protocols setting of the advanced general options.
* Number templates with a regular expression of less than 3 characters did not work correctly.
* HTTP Gateway: The [message-guid] and [message-info] fields did not work in the HTTP query of the generic HTTP gateway.
* Protocol Connector: Response timeout was not being reset during a transaction resulting in a disconnect.
* SMPP Connector: A positive 'ReceiptTimestampOffset' caused negative DLR's not being delivered to the SMPP client.
* SMPP Connector: A 'RegisteredDelivery' value of more than 9 in the submit_sm resulted in a wrong message ID in the receipt.
* SMPP Gateway: Done date with seconds in the receipt was handled incorrectly for the year 2020.
* Web Connector: Internal HTTP server did not select TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 when these two SSL protocols were available.
* Web Connector: Possible (but untested) fix for a problem with the web application on the Turkish version of Windows 10.
* Web Connector: Tags in the contacts of the web application did not work correctly with a space at the front or end of a tag.

Diafaan SMS Server
September 6, 2019
* SMPP Connector: Add list of logged in users to the SMPP Connector statistics
* SMPP Connector: Added 'ReceiptTimestamp' option to set the 'done date' time in the receipt to the local time of Diafaan SMS Server

Bug fixes
* SMPP Connector: 'MaxUserIdConnections' did not work for SSL connections
* SMPP Connector: Delivery confirmation was not handled correctly for multipart messages (Event error: 'Value was either too large or too small for an unsigned byte.')

Diafaan SMS Server
March 21, 2019

* SQL Connector: 'MaximumBatchSize' is now applied to the MessageLog and MessageIn table transactions

Bug fixes

* SMPP Connector: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error fixed when a client connection was closed
* SMPP Connector: 'registered_delivery' field in messages from the SMPP clients was ignored
* SQL Connector: Number Templates were not handled correctly for records with multiple numbers in the "to" field
* Web Connector: send-message HTTP API calls to multiple numbers generated the same message-guid for each message in version
* Web Connector: The user_id parameter was set to a GUID instead of the username for send_message HTTP API calls in version

Diafaan SMS Server
January 21, 2019

New features
* Console: Added option to create a self-signed (insecure) SSL certificate
* SMPP Connector: Support added for encrypted SSL connections

* Console: improved error message when the unsupported .NET client profile framework is installed
* Service: Database files are now vacuumed (defragmented and compacted) when the service is started
* Service: Handling of messages without an active gateway is rewritten to make it more efficient
* Email Connector: Added extra unencrypted USER/PASSWORD login attempt when all other login attempts failed
* GSM Modem Gateway: The send time of a USSD response is now set to the same time as the send time of the USSD command
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added destination number to event log description for send errors
* HTTP Gateway: Support added to set the 'UserId' field for received messages
* Scripting Gateway: Support added to set the 'UserId' field for received messages
* SMPP Connector: Handling of receipt and received message packets to the clients was made more robust and efficient.
* SMPP Connector: 'ReceiptDateFormat' setting added to change the format of the send date and done date fields
* SMPP Connector: Added 'ReceiptTimestampOffset' advanced property.
* SMPP Connector: Standard Message ID format changed to GUID (alphanumeric)
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for the 'dest:' keyword to get the sender ID of the iQsim modem
* SMPP Gateway: Added 'ReceiptTimestampOffset' advanced property.
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
* SMPP Gateway: Decode receipts with data_coding 2 and 4 (binary) as data_coding 0 (SMSC Default Alphabet)
* SMPP Gateway: Improved reconnect procedure after connection to the SMPP server is lost
* SQL Connector: Added 'MessageGuid' and 'MessageInfo' fields to the MessageOut and MessageLog tables
* SQL Connector: ErrorText database field type changed from varchar(80) to varchar(max)
* Web Connector: Added message-info and message-guid fields to send-message HTTP API
* Web Connector: Added Network registration status to the statistics

Bug fixes
* Service: 'Expression tree is too large' error fixed in the Message Queue database in configurations with more than 500 gateways
* GSM Modem Gateway: A long list of received messages could cause a timeout error and repeated reboots
* Protocol Connector: Bug fixed in the handling of ESPA sequences when controller sends a packet of multiple chars
* Protocol Connector: The TAP IP server did not always recover properly from an unexpected client connection error.
* SMPP Connector: MessageValidity was always 4 days, irrespective of the value in the settings
* SMPP Gateway: A wrong error code was generated for DLRs that included a 'delivery_failure_reason' TLV value
* SMPP Gateway: ENROUTE status in the receipt was regarded as an error but is now ignored
* SMPP Gateway: Fixed bug in disabling enquire_link when setting 'KeepAliveInterval' to 0
* The setting 'Combine received message parts..' did not remove orphaned message parts.

Diafaan SMS Server
March 16, 2018

Bug fix
* SMPP Connector: Multipart received messages were not handled correctly, only the first deliver_sm packet was sent to the SMPP client.

Diafaan SMS Server
February 12, 2018

Bug fix
* SMPP Gateway: Delivery receipts without TLV information triggered a decoding error and prevented the status update of the message.

Diafaan SMS Server
February 6, 2018

New features
* Universal white list/black list format introduced to allow or block messages based on destination or source numbers. This feature includes an option to import the list from an external file.
* Support added for encrypted connections that use the TLS 1.2 security protocol.
* Email Connector: Option added to disable SMTP server when no gateways are available to facilitate redundancy.
* SMPP Connector: 'ClientAsyncWindowSize' option added to increase the speed of sending receipts and received messages to the SMPP clients.
* SMPP Connector: Option added to trigger a delivery report when the message has been sent with status code 200.
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for encrypted (SSL/TLS) connections to the SMPP server.

* GSM Modem Gateway: USSD 'MessageIn' response now contains the 'UserId' of the 'MessageOut' request.
* Paging Gateway: Improved handling of SNPP calls.
* Protocol Connector: Improved response speed during calls.
* SMPP Gateway: Improved handling of the 'MaxMessagesPerMinute' setting.
* SQL Connector: Priority field is now used in the SQL query to load high priority messages first from the MessageOut table.
* Web Connector: Improved performance for the 'send-server-request HTTP API for multiple gateways and connectors.

Bug fixes
* dmscmnd.exe: The 'send-server-command' syntax did not work properly for the commandline client and resulted in a 404 not found error.
* Email Connector: "Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'" repeated error solved.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Fixed 'object reference not set to an instance of an object' error for messages sent with 'BasicTextMode'.
* SMPP Connector: The 'additional_status_info_text' was not encoded correctly in the DLR, causing some SMPP clients to reject it.

Diafaan SMS Server
July 24, 2017

* Added ‘Gateway batch message timeout’ option in the general advanced settings to prevent duplicated messages in rare circumstances.
* Improved accuracy of the general statistics and the gateway statistics.
* Clickatell Gateway: Added support for the new Clickatell Platform REST API.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added default option to set 'MaximumBatchSize' to 'Automatic'.

Bug fixes
* Max total primary send attempts setting caused send delays because the messages were not timely picked up by the backup gateways.
* Email Connector: Newline characters in the Subject field of outgoing email caused incorrect email header errors.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Long 'SendDelay' time caused unresponsiveness in the GSM Modem Gateway and sometimes duplicated message sending.
* HTTP Gateway: Empty destination address caused a gateway timeout error.
* SMPP Connector: Fixed an issue with delivery reports for multi-part messages from Kannel.

Diafaan SMS Server
June 7, 2017

New features
* New options in the connector 'Gateway' settings to limit the total send attempts for all primary gateways and for all backup gateways.
* HTTP Gateway: Added support for Clickatell Platform API.

* Added user definable 'message_guid' and 'message_info' fields to 'message_out' and 'message_log' HTTP callbacks.
* Added ability to change the number of send attempts with the 'gateway' parameter, e.g. 'GSM Modem:1'.
* Added 'template:' keyword to number templates that uses a regular expression.
* Console program: Improved responsiveness of the console program for configurations with more than 20 gateways and connectors.
* Console program: Improved error handling and an enhanced exception message box with the ability to save the log.
* GSM Modem Gateway: 'SendTimeout' option added to change the timeout value after sending the SMS PDU, default timeout set to 60 seconds.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added 'PermanentErrorList' option to stop new send attempts for specific error codes.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added blacklist option to the 'NumberWhiteList' property.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added national language lock and single shift table support for received messages.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Reset command 'AT&FE0' changed to two separate 'AT&F' and 'ATE0' commands.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Support added for unicode USSD responses.
* HTTP Gateway: Added option to send unique message ID with the message (message_guid and message_info).
* Scripting Gateway: Removed the limit of 20 for the MaximumBatchSize property.
* SMPP Connector: Added option to send an ACCEPTD or DELIVERD DLR on status 200.
* SMPP Gateway: Added character mapping options for outgoing and incoming messages.
* SMPP Gateway: Added 'PermanentErrorList' option to stop new send attempts for specific error codes.
* SQL Connector: Added support for multiple numbers in one database record.
* Web Connector: Added 'StatisticsStartTime' value to the 'request-server-status' API response.

Bug fixes
* Multiple recipients in the email alerts caused an SMTP send error when the 'From address' field was empty.
* GSM Modem Gateway: The time stamp of sent messages was 'SendDelayTime' later than the actual send time.
* Paging Gateway: No or unexpected answer after the "ATH0" modem command bug solved.
* SMPP Gateway: Alphanumeric sender ID got an extra + when it was sent to an SMPP Connector and returns via the Emulator Gateway.

Diafaan SMS Server
October 13, 2016

New features
* Support added for .NET framework 4.x. Diafaan SMS Server now runs on .NET framework 4.x by default. If this is not available it falls back to .NET framework 3.x or .NET framework 2.
* 64-bit version of Diafaan SMS Server added. The 64-bit version is used with clean installs on a 64-bit version of Windows. The 32-bit version is installed on 32-bit Windows or on 64-bit Windows when an older 32-bit version of Diafaan SMS Server is installed.
* Improved functionality on the Server Core versions of Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. The console program of Diafaan SMS Server now uses alternatives for GUI features that are missing in Windows Server Core.

* SQL Connector: 'LockMessageOutTable' option added to lock the MessageOut table for reading by other processes during the polling transaction.
* Web Connector: The HTPP API call 'send-server-command' is now disabled by default in new Web Connectors.

Bug fixes
* Gateway filter 'Only for message type' allways set to 'Only for to address' when the gateway was selected in the 'Gateways' page.
* GSM Modem Gateway: The quiet hour functionality did not work properly when the 'SendLimit' parameter was set.
* Paging Gateway: SNPP batch mode was missing the RESEt command and batches were not handled correctly.
* Paging Gateway: The Paging Gateway failed to load in the console when there were no COM ports on the computer.
* Protocol Connector: Opening the SNPP Connector settings caused the port number to revert to default port 444.
* Protocol Connector: The Protocol Connector failed to load in the console when there were no COM ports on the computer.
* SMPP Gateway: Some characters in receipts with GSM default alphabet decoding (like the underscore) were not decoded correctly.
* Web Connector: Using the HTTP 'send-server-command' with an empty 'value' string set the value to '\r\n '.

Diafaan SMS Server
September 16, 2016

New features (basic- and full editions only)
* The new Protocol Connector add support for the legacy paging protocols TAP/PET/IXO (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol), SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol), UCP (Universal Computer Protocol) and ESPA 4.4.4.
* HTTP Gateway: Support added for the HTTP API SMS services of Esendex, ClickSend and BulkSMS.

* 'Only for from address' option added to the connector routing options.
* Added new option 'Combine received message parts from different gateways'.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Initialization command 'AT+CMMS=2' added to increase send speed for some modems.
* Scripting Connector: Speed of handling of received messages and status updates is increased.
* SMPP Gateway: Added flash support for unicode messages (DCS=0x18).
* SQL Connector: 'SendQueuePauseTreshold' option added to stop importing new messages when the send queue exceeds a certain limit.
* Web Connector: 'HTTPServerIPNumber' option added to specify a single IP address for the web server.

Bug fixes
* 'Re-assign gateways' option did not take the connector 'Gateway' field into account after a settings change or restart.
* GSM Modem Gateway: 'SendDelayTime' did not work between parts of a multipart message.
* GSM Modem Gateway: 'Telit' removed from the Enhanced Compatibility Mode List. Delivery reports did not work in enhanced mode with the 'GL865' module.
* Web Application: Group members in the personal address list could not be changed on some browsers.
* Web Application: Group names in the personal address list could not be changed on some browsers.
* Web Application: Selection for personal/public address list names was not available when none of the addresses had a tag.

Diafaan SMS Server
March 14, 2016

* Code signing of the installer programs and other .exe files was changed from SHA-1 (now obsolete) to SHA-256.

Bug fix
* Email Connector: 'EnableHTTPCallbacks' option was always set to 'True'

Diafaan SMS Server
February 16, 2016

New features (basic- and full editions only)
* HTTP Gateway added to send messages to generic HTTP based SMS servers. With 2-way SMS support for Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell and MessageBird.
* FastCGI HTTP callback option for local processing of PHP scripts with the CGI version of PHP.
* Added support for individual validity periods for each message.

New features (all editions)
* 'QuietHours' option added to each gateway to pause message sending on specific hours (and quarters of an hour) of the day.
* Status description 'Received' changed to 'Delivered' to be consistent throughout the program.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Changed the default status report handling from 'TE routed' to 'Buffered'. The status updates are now stored on the SIM card by default and polled by the GSM Modem Gateway.
* Email Connector: Added message content to communication log of the POP client.
* Web Connector: Added HTTP API option to pause and resume message sending for each gateway.
* Web Application: Added sound alert option to the web application for received messages.
* SMPP Connector: Return status 'EXPIRED' in the receipt when the message validity time has expired instead of status 'UNDELIV'.
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to set the SystemType parameter in the setup wizard and setup dialog instead of the advanced options.
* SMPP Gateway: The SMPP protocol limits of 8 characters for the password and 15 for the SystemID are no longer enforced.

Bug fixes
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved handling of NoSignal statistics.
* GSM Modem Gateway: The Send Limit did not treat multipart messages properly, this could result in failed messages.
* Web Connector: Improved error handling when the server port number is already in use.

Diafaan SMS Server
November 16, 2015

New features (basic- and full editions only)
* HTTP API options added to the Web Connector to change the configuration of Diafaan SMS Server.
* The HTTP callback option now offers support for local processing of PHP scripts with the CGI version of PHP.

New features (all editions)
* Option added to ask for the administrator password when the console program is started.
* Possibility added to change the assignment of the normal and backup gateways in the 'gateway' field of the SQL Connector, Web Connector and Scripting Connector.
* GSM Modem Gateway: New option to reset the send limit from the Web Connector HTTP API.

* SMPP Gateway: Added 0 (unknown) option for manual parsing of TON and NPI, e.g. %0%0%...
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for non-standard id field in iQsim SMPP receipts.
* SMPP Connector: Option added to close the IP connection to a client after a 'message_out' HTTP callback.
* SQL Connector: Added advanced option 'DatabaseCharacterSet' to filter out characters that the database will not accept.
* Email Connector: Added template field support to 'Default address' and 'Default name' in the 'Receive SMS' options.

Bug fixes
* EmailConnector: The 'From' field in the send SMS template did not work for messages received with the POP client.
* SMPP Connector: Installation of multiple SMPP Connectors made the SMPP Connectors unstable.
* SMPP Gateway: deliver_sm messages with esm_class 8 were not recognized as receipts.

Diafaan SMS Server
September 23, 2015

Bug fix
* Received messages were sometimes routed to the wrong connector.

Diafaan SMS Server
April 20, 2015

New features (basic- and full editions only)
* New SMPP Connector added, allowing SMPP clients to log in to Diafaan SMS Server.
* Option added to log all sent and received messages to a specific SQL Connector.

New features (all editions)
* Emulator Gateway added to facilitate testing without actually sending or receiving SMS messages.

* Multiple similar exceptions from the log database are now throttled to maximum 1 per hour.
* Email Connector: Added option to the message template to set the from address for the SMS message.
* Email Connector: Maximum top level domain name length increased from 4 to 22 for email address extraction in received messages.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Support added for 16-bit concatenation ID’s.
* Scripting Connector: Obsolete ReferenceList option removed.
* Scripting Gateway: Obsolete ReferenceList option removed.
* SMPP Gateway: Support added for 16-bit concatenation ID’s.
* SMPP Gateway: Added ‘MaxMessagesPerSecond’ option to limit the number of messages sent per individual second.
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to send messages as raw SMPP packets with message type ‘smpp.pdu’.
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to handle received SMS messages as raw SMPP packets with message type ‘smpp.pdu’.
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to ignore delivery report receipts with ACCEPTD status.
* SMPP Gateway: Added ‘SourceAddressTemplate’ option to change the number format of the source address.
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for binary messages with custom DCS and PID.
* SQL Connector: Added event log error message when rollback of a failed transaction fails
* SQL Connector: Options ‘MessageInRetryOnError’ and ‘MessageLogRetryOnError’ added to improve database reliability.
* SQL Connector: Advanced property ‘DatabaseUpdateInterval’ added to decrease potential strain on the database.
* SQL Connector: database field name ‘Connector’ added to the MessageLog table.
* SQL Connector: LogCommunicationToFile option added to help finding solving problems.
* SQL Connector: Removed obsolete ‘Accounting’ field from the MessageLog table.

Bug fixes
* Commandline client (dmscmnd.exe): Removed header “Expect: 100-Continue” from HTTP requests, this header caused problems on some proxy servers.
* Email Connector: Headers in the ‘Email templates’ tab of the properties did not show correctly.
* Email Connector: Non-standard email header ‘Date’ fields were not always handled correctly.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Bug solved in the handling of incomplete concatenated message parts for received messages. This could result in lost message parts of received messages.
* Paging Gateway: Wrong error message ‘The modem answered “OK” after the “….” command.’ fixed.
* SMPP Gateway: A receipt SMPP packet without message text caused an ‘Error decoding SMPP packet’ exception.
* SMPP Gateway: Bug solved in the handling of incomplete concatenated message parts for received messages. This could result in lost message parts of received messages.

Diafaan SMS Server
May 27, 2014

Bug fixed
* Web Connector: The status of messages sent with the Web Application were not updated and got stuck in the Outbox of the browser app.

Diafaan SMS Server
May 23, 2014

New features (basic- and full editions only)
* A new HTTP callback feature was added to Diafaan SMS Server. The HTTP callback triggers an HTTP call to a web server for each message to send, all received messages, the send result of the messages and all events in the event log. The web server can record the information but also block or change the messages.

* Number template option added to each connector, the number format for each message can now be changed before the message is added to the message queue
* Email Connector: Added support for email POP body with HTML part and without text part
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added new option ‘ReceivePollAfterMaximumSendBatch’
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added new option ‘ReceivePollIntervalTime’
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved support for the Android GSM Modem Emulator
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved support for Motorola GSM modules
* GSM Modem Gateway: a limit can now be set on the amount of messages that can be sent per hour/day/week or month
* Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway: Added ‘AdditionalMessageParameters’ property to enable additional Hypermedia API parameters to be sent with each messages
* Paging Gateway: Added TAP over serial port and TAP over the TCP/IP options
* SMPP Gateway: Option added to manually set the DCS value, this improves character set compatibility with some SMPP servers

Bug fixes
* GSM Modem Gateway: Multiline USSD response was not handled properly
* SMPP Gateway: Error code was not read properly from some delivery receipts
* SMPP Gateway: Fixed bug with pound character in ISO-8859-1 encoding
* SQL Connector: Add ErrorCode and ErrorText updates to the status update functions
* Web Connector: Incoming messages were not always stored in the admin inbox with option ‘Only when undeliverable’

Diafaan SMS Server
January 16, 2014

* Allow status updates to connectors when the original message is removed from the internal send log. This means that the maximum number of send log items can be decreased without potential effect on the status update in the (SQL) connector.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Set AT+CNMI=1,0,0,1,0 instead of AT+CNMI=2,0,0,1,0 to improve compatibility to a number of GSM modems
* SMPP Gateway: Added option ‘UseMessageIdPrefix’ to prevent matching receipts to the wrong message when multiple gateways use the same message ID’s
* SMPP Gateway: Set Source TON=0 and NPI=0 for an empty source address
* Paging Gateway: Checksum test added for UCP response packets
* SQL Connector: Remove leading and trailing spaces from the database table and field names

Bug fixes
* Multiple gateways and connectors: Send timeout added to network streams to prevent lockups in rare occasions.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Decoding error in status PDU’s with illegal date/time field fixed
* SMPP Gateway: Leading zero’s are now removed from hexadecimal and decimal message ID to improve matching the receipt to the message
* Hypermedia SMS Pro Gateway: Bug fixed in decoding received messages with surrogate code point Unicode characters
* Web Connector: Setup wizard next button stayed gray when using previous button after port test window
* Email Connector: The POP client did not always work with Exchange Server 2010 and 2013.
* Email Connector: The SMTP port number was not saved in the setup wizard
* Email Connector: The ‘SMTPServerIPBinding’ advanced property was not saved
* Email Connector: Setup wizard next button stayed gray when using previous button after port test window

Diafaan SMS Server
September 3, 2013

Bug fix
* The backup gateway setting was not properly saved in the “Gateways” settings of the connectors

Diafaan SMS Server
May 23, 2013

* Email Connector: Added support for encrypted login for the POP client
* Scripting Connector: Added support for reference list in the comments of the script
* Scripting Gateway: Added support for reference list in the comments of the script
* SMPP Gateway: Added option to write the receipts to the ErrorText parameter or to handle all receipts as received messages
* SMPP Gateway: Added options to change bind TON and bind NPI.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added option to change the reset command for the modem (default is “AT&FE0″).

Bug fixes
* SMPP Gateway: Error in the server response handling on sent messages when AsyncModeWindowSize > 1
* SMPP Gateway: Long multipart messages caused send errors
* Email Connector: “Default” option for POP client to address did not work

Diafaan SMS Server
April 30, 2013

New features
* Messages can now be resubmitted from the send log
* Filter options added for email alerts, send email only for specific event errors
* Message routing fields can now use regular expression
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option added to remove the PIN code from the SIM card
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option added to write the GSM number to the SIM card

* Option added to generate an event error when the send queue is larger than a predefined amount of messages
* Clickatell Gateway: The amount of credits a messages costs is added to the accounting field
* Email Connector: Added logging feature to the SMTP server and POP client
* Email Connector: Added check to test if the SMTP port is free
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option “RebootBeforeInitialization” is set to “True” by default for Wavecom en Cinterion modems
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added options to continue without a reset after a send or receive error
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added option to change the hangup command
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved support for iWOW/iTegno modems
* GSM Modem Gateway: The GSM Modem Gateway does not reboot/reset anymore for messages with an invalid number
* GSM Modem Gateway: Search modems in the setip wizard now searches all modems at the same time
* SMPP Gateway: Added address range option
* Web Connector: Added option to filter out received messages from numbers not in the contact list of the user
* Web Connector: Added option to forward only undelivered received messages to admin inbox
* Web Connector: added option to remove queued messages with the HTTP API
* Web Connector: Added check to test if the HTTP port is free
* Web Connector: Added option to add multiple numbers to a Web App contact, separated by semicolons

Bug fixes
* SMPP Gateway: Setting the AsyncModeWindowSize > 1 and sending multipart messages caused SMPP Gateway to hang on unreliable SMPP server
* Scripting Connector: Missing line in the default script prevented sending messages with alternative Message Type

Diafaan SMS Server
January 21, 2013

New features
* GSM Modem Gateway: Support for TCP/IP GSM modems with a clear-text log on procedure, like the PORTech MV-370 VoIP Gateway
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option added to allow sending of AT modem command to the modem using the “modem.command” message type

* SMTP Client for email error event alerts now supports encryption and authentication
* Option added to set a message template for email error event alerts
* Email Connector: Encryption and authentication options added for the built-in SMTP server
* Email Connector: Minimum check mail interval time for the POP3 client changed from 1 minute to 1 second
* Email Connector: POP3 Client, option added to extract the GSM number from the sender or recipient email address
* GSM Modem Gateway: Check for network status (AT+CREG) and optional reboot added when not logged in to the GSM network or roaming.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added “ModemInitializationEnd” advanced property, send an extra modem command at the end of the modem initialization process.

Bug fixes:
* Improved performance when idle
* SMPP Gateway: delivery reports with an unexpected date/time format were not handled properly, causing missing delivery confirmation
* SQL Connector: Date/time overflow in Microsoft SQL Server fixed for dates before the year 1753 (not allowed in Microsoft SQL Server)

Diafaan SMS Server
October 4, 2012

New features:
* Support added for the Hypermedia HG-7000 SMS PRO Gateway in the basic- and full editions of Diafaan SMS Server.
* Added option to change the time after which a down gateway is regarded as permanently unavailable

* Added “From” field to the info panel of the send log
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option added to hang up the modem after a caller identification is received
* GSM Modem Gateway: Added support for the Validity Period
* GSM Modem Gateway: Advanced option RebootBeforeInitialization added
* GSM Modem Gateway: Support for sms.pdu message type added with PDU’s that contain the SMSC address
* SMPP Gateway: Setup wizard changed to select transceiver connection for SMPP version 3.4 by default
* SMPP Gateway: Added support for number whitelist for received messages
* SMPP Gateway: Default maximum message parts for sending messages increased to 10
* Clickatell Gateway: Default maximum message parts for sending messages increased to 10
* Web Connector: Option added to limit inbox/receive log and send log items for each user
* Paging Gateway: Hangup command changed from ATH to ATH0
* Web Connector: “block numbers not in contact list” feature implemented for HTTP API send-message
* Improved handling of “stuck” messages when a gateway is down

Bug fixes:
* The ErrorCode and ErrorText log fields were not updated after a status update error
* Server startup error handled: A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the ServiceName service to connect.
* Clickatell Gateway: The timeout for HTTP requests was set too low, leading to failed messages when Clickatell was slow
* Email Connector: Numbers without leading + were not recognized as valid GSM numbers in a POP email message
* GSM Modem Gateway: MaxShortCodeLength Advanced parameter could not be changed
* SMPP Gateway: MaxShortCodeLength Advanced parameter could not be changed
* Scripting Gateway: MessageOutResult generated a date/time of 1.1.0001 00:00:00
* SQL Connector: ErrorCode and ErrorText were not updated after a status update was received
* Web Connector: HTTP calls were accepted with wrong username/password if guest login was enabled
* Web Connector: Messages sent with the HTTP API with contact-name did not add the contact name info to the message

Diafaan SMS Server
May 9, 2012

New features:
* Message priority, messages with a higher priority are placed in front of the send queue
* Message routing option based on destination number (or number range)
* Option to re-assign routing for pending messages when gateway or connector properties are changed
* View pending messages and remove individual messages from the send queue
* Option added to set a fixed limit to the number of log database items to prevent excessive log database size (default after new installation is 50000 records per log table)
* Clear log database from the console program
* Pause messages handling without the need to stop the service
* GSM Modem Gateway: White list option to process received messages only from listed numbers
* Email Connector: Send an email status reply when the message was delivered on the mobile phone

Console program improvements:
* Increased startup time with large log database size
* Background processing of log database (no more ‘lock ups’ with large log database size)
* Improved responsiveness to changes to the gateway and connector properties and start/stop service

SMS Server improvements
* Improved message throughput with large numbers of messages in the send queue
* Improved message throughput with larger numbers of gateways
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved message throughput (especially for UMTS modems)
* GSM Modem Gateway: Support added for serial ports without hardware flow control wiring
* GSM Modem Gateway: Default messages parts for sending long messages increased from 3 to 10
* SMPP Gateway: Improved message throughput
* SMPP Gateway: Option added to set the default character encoding for received messages
* SMPP Gateway: Advanced property HexMessageId added to translate a hex message id to a decimal number

Bug fixes:
* GSM Modem Gateway: “Basic PDU mode” option caused a System.AccessViolationException error
* GSM Modem Gateway: Error fixed in decoding SMS PDU with default character encoding and a UDH
* GSM Modem Gateway: Hot unplugging of a USB modem could result in large CPU increase and memory leaks
* SMPP Gateway: Connector stopped sending messages with some SMPP gateways after running for a couple of hours
* SMPP Gateway: Memory leak fixed
* Paging Gateway: Unnecessary error: “No or unexpected answer after the “+++” modem command” removed from the event log.

Diafaan SMS Server
February 18, 2012

Bug fix:
* Paging Connector: Bug fixed in sending messages to SMTP email, this was the same HELO problem as fixed in the Email Connector in version

Diafaan SMS Server
February 10, 2012

Bug fix:
* Email Connector: Fix for error message: 503 5.2.2 Send hello first for SMTP connections to an SMTP server using TLS encryption and authentication.

Diafaan SMS Server
January 13, 2012

Bug fix:
* The Unicode Control Code bugfix in version also filtered out Line Feed and Cariage Return characters. This is corrected in this version.

Diafaan SMS Server
December 17, 2011

New features:
* SMPP Gateway added (basic- and full editions only) with support for SMPP 3.3 and 3.4
* GSM Modem Gateway: Direct support added for GSM modems over a TCP/IP connection without the need of virtual COM ports.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Advanced option added to receive a Calling Line Identification notification on incoming phone calls
* SQL Connector: “Scheduled” database field added for the SMSOut table. Messages can now be added to the database to be sent at a later time.
* Email Connector: IP Number white list added to allow only messages sent from certain IP numbers
* Email Connector: Sender white list added to allow only messages sent from certain email addresses
* Email Connector: Option added to receive email confirmation when a message is received on the phone

* GSM Modem Gateway: Advanced property added for the default address type
* GSM Modem Gateway: Default modem reboot command changed to AT+CFUN=1,1
* Email Connector: New version of the email library used
* SQL Connector: Transaction support added for received SMS messages (increases speed)
* Paging Connector: Support added for the ERMES character set

Bug fixes:
* Clickatell Gateway: Using the Test button often caused a timeout on first use
* SQL Connector: Messages with IsSent=NULL were not picked up from the database
* Unicode control codes (characters 0-31) caused problems in the Web Connector browser app
* GSM Modem Gateway: Decoding error for long messages of a specific length is fixed

Diafaan SMS Server
September 21, 2011

New features:
* Central setting added to change the date- and time formats in Diafaan SMS Server.
* Web Connector: New browser based client application that makes it easy to maintain contacts and groups, send messages and view received messages.
* Web Connector: Multi-user support added for the basic- and full editions.
* Web Connector: View the server status with the HTTP API.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Option added to prefix the number with “#” for a national address type or “*” for an unknown address type.

* Message handling is made more efficient. This results in reduced CPU use and faster SMS delivery, especially when using more that 4 3G modems.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Default address type changed from National to International

Bug fixes:
* Web Connector: Web connector became disabled after a “Clear Statistics” command.
* The status in the Console Program was not updated when sending a lot of messages and changing the Gateway or Connector properties.

Diafaan SMS Server
August 2, 2011

New features:
* Web Connector: Option added to reply the HTTP response back to the sender of the SMS message. This new option makes it easy to create an SMS auto-response service using a web server and a PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby or other server script language.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved support for Huawei USB modems. Both serial ports can now be used by Diafaan SMS Server, proprietary status updates from the device are now handled properly.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Maximum Batch property added to speed up message sending for use with multiple GSM modems.
* GSM Modem Gateway: Improved modem reboot handling. The modem reboot command can be changed and the GSM Modem Gateway waits after a reboot to give the modem opportunity to reconnect with the mobile network.
* GSM Modem Gateway: New setting added to delay sending messages if the network operator cannot handle the message send speed.
* Clickatell Gateway: New option added for extra fixed HTTP parameters (e.g. MO=1).

Bug fixes:
* Email Connector: Reply result to email only worked when the Reply to email, expires after … option was selected.

Diafaan SMS Server
January 23, 2011

New features:
* Automatic addition to the Windows firewall exception list.
* Now runs on Windows 2000.
Bug fixes:
* Bug fixed in the email handling of the POP3 client causing multiple SMS messages for each email when the POP box contains multiple email messages.

Diafaan SMS Server 1.6.0
December 1, 2010

New features for the basic- and full edition:
* Pager Gateway with support for IXO/TAP and UCP over modem and SNPP, SMTP (e-mail), WCTP and UCP over the Internet.
* New message routing option using Message Types.
New feature for all editions:
* Number templates added to change the number format before sending the message.

Diafaan SMS Server
October 29, 2010

Bug fixes in the E-mail Connector:
* SMTP Server did not accept e-mail without the From: or To: header.
* Reply SMS to e-mail feature extended to e-mail fetched from a POP box

Diafaan SMS Server
October 20, 2010

New features in the E-mail Connector:
* The reply to e-mail option can now be used in combination with the extract e-mail address from SMS option to determine the destination of the received SMS message.
* Basic Authentication support for the SMTP Client.
* TLS encryption support for the SMTP Client.

Diafaan SMS Server
September 17, 2010

New features:
* E-mail alert/confirmation added when the SMS message could not be sent or if the SMS message was sent successfully.
* Reply to e-mail feature added. A receiver of an SMS message can reply to an SMS messages and it will be sent as an e-mail reply to the sender of the original e-mail.

Diafaan SMS Server
June 22, 2010

New features:
* Basic edition supports four Gateways and four Connectors.
* Support added for national number plans for GSM modems.

User Interface improvements:
* Minor improvements made in the Gateway and Connector setup wizards.

Bug fixes:

* Bug fixed in automatic removal of log items, automatic removal after 6 months caused log records to be removed after one week.

Diafaan SMS Server
March 18, 2010

New features:
* Option to automatically save removed log and event records to an XML file.
* Option to automatically remove old log records from the web connector database and optionally save them to an XML file.
* Send binary messages with a Protocol Identifier and User data Length byte via GSM modems.
* HTTPS option added to the webserver (requires installation of a certificate).

User Interface improvements:
* The routing status in the status panels of the gateways and connectors gives more useful information about the routing setup.

Bug fixes:
* Data Coding Scheme byte for binary messages did not work.
* Stopping and immediately restarting the service was not always reliable.
* Sending of multiple message with the webconnector caused more than one log entry per message in the webconnector database.
* Status updates for previously sent messages were applied to all messages with the right message id. Now only the most recent record with the given message id is updated.

Diafaan SMS Server
March 2, 2010

New features:
* Scripting gateway added, add new SMS, e-mail or other messaging services with your own C# or Visual Basic .NET script (basic- and full editions only).
* Web connector added, send SMS messages with an HTTP interface and forward received messages to a website.
* E-mail connector added, send SMS messages with a built-in SMTP server or with a connection to an external POP server and forward received messages to e-mail.
* Scripting connector added, initiate a message or process received messages with your own C# or Visual Basic .NET script.
* Added message routing, choose which gateway(s) can send a message with the new individual message routing options.

Improvements and bug-fixes:
* With multiple GSM modems, messages are better distributed over the available modems.
* Handling of the logs in Diafaan SMS Server Console is much better for large numbers of records.
* Filtering of the logs makes it easier to get an overview of failed messages or error events.
* Generate reports from the logs.
* Handling of the GSM modem is changed and two compatibility modes are added. Text mode is now supported in addition to the normal PDU mode.
* Support for flash SMS messages and GSM USSD commands added.

Diafaan SMS Server
December 16, 2009

New feature:
* Support added for ODBC database connectors.

Bug fixes:
* Receive time update bug in SQL connector fixed
* Message type field bug in SQL connector log fixed
* Bug fixed in SQL query causing repeated calls in some database configurations

Diafaan SMS Server
December 8, 2009

New features added to the GSM modem gateway:
* Option to disable delivery confirmation.
* Option to send a full reset to the GSM modem if the send message command response is invalid.

Diafaan SMS Server
December 8, 2009

* Initial release.