Download, evaluate and buy Diafaan SMS Server

1 Download

Go to the Download page and click on the download link of the edition you want to download. If you are not sure which edition is best for your application you can try the full edition and decide on the right edition later, before you buy the license.

2 Evaluate

Try out the software with your GSM modem, SMPP account or Clickatell account. The downloaded evaluation version of Diafaan SMS server is fully functional for 30 days without limitations. If you need more than 30 days to evaluate the software you can always contact us for an extension of the temporary license.

When you are finished adapting the program to your needs and are fully satisfied about the software, it is time to buy your license. By now you should know which edition is right for you. There is no need to install a different edition, just apply the proper license to the version of the software you have already installed and configured.

3 Buy the license

Go to the Order page and click on the buy now link of the edition you want to buy, light-, basic- or full edition. On an encrypted webpage of our partner 2Checkout you can place the order using a creditcard, PayPal or a wire transfer or check prepayment.

If the payment is received you will receive an email with your license file. You can also  download the license file and an invoice from the 2Checkout website.

4 Load the license file

In the Diafaan SMS Server Console click Load license file and select the license file you downloaded or received by email. Store the license file and the Diafaan SMS Server installation file on a secure location in case you have to reinstall the software in the future.