Add a Clickatell Platform REST API account

Before you can use the Clickatell Gateway, you first have to create a Clickatell Platform REST API account:

1 Create a Clickatell account

Go to the Clickatell website and sign up for an SMS Gateway, Clickatell Platform account. Signing up to Clickatell Platform is free, you can add one mobile phone number that you can use to send free test messages from your account.

2 Create a Clickatell REST API Integration

Log in to Clickatell Platform with your email address and password and select 'SMS Integrations'. Create a new integration with 'REST' API Type. This generates a new API key that you can use in Diafaan SMS Server. To enable the integration, set Switch traffic to 'On'.

3 Add the Clickatell Gateway to Diafaan SMS Server

In the Diafaan SMS Server Console, click Add gateway, if the Add gateway menu option is not available you have to remove another SMS gateway first.
Select the Clickatell gateway gateway setup wizard, select 'Platform' and fill in the REST API key from your Clickatell integration.

Important notes

With the Clickatell Gateway, you can only send SMS messages. Delivery reports are not supported. If you want to be able to receive SMS messages and/or receive delivery reports, you can use the Clickatell service in the HTTP Gateway (only available in the basic- and full editions of Diafaan SMS Server).