Add a Clickatell HTTP API account

Before you can use the Clickatell software, you first have to create a Clickatell HTTP API account:

1 Create a Clickatell account

Go to the Clickatell website and sign up for an SMS Gateway, Clickatell Central account. Signing up to Clickatell Central is free, as a bonus you get 10 free message credits.

2 Create a Clickatell HTTP API product

In Clickatell Central use the Manage My Products page to add a HTTP connection. This will generate an API ID that, together with your user name and password, you need to add the gateway to Diafaan SMS Server.

3 Add the Clickatell Gateway to Diafaan SMS Server

In the Diafaan SMS Server Console, click Add gateway, if the Add gateway menu option is not available you have to remove another SMS gateway first.
Select the Clickatell gateway and fill in the Clickatell user name, password and HTTP API-ID in the gateway setup wizard. In the status panel of your new Clickatell gateway you can see immediately if a connection with the Clickatell SMS gateway is established and the amount of SMS credits you have left.

4 Buy extra credits

When you have used up the 10 free SMS credits you can buy extra credits in the Clickatell Central webpage. Clickatell is also offering an automated credit card billing service which will bill your card whenever your balance reaches a pre-defined level.

Optional additional steps

After you set up the Clickatell account and sent your first messages you will notice that the sender id of the messages is a 44xxxxxxxx number. Clickatell supports using your own numeric or alphanumeric sender id, but to prevent id spoofing you have to register the sender id list before you can use them.

Log in to Clickatell Central and select My Settings and Manage Sender ID’s. Here you can add and delete id’s to your sender id list. Since the id’s are approved manually it can take some time before you can use them. You may use existing mobile phone numbers as the sender id if you want the replies to go to your mobile phone or a GSM modem attached to Diafaan SMS Server.

In Diafaan SMS Server Console you must add the approved sender id’s to your Clickatell gateway before you can use them. Right click on the Clickatell gateway item and select Properties. In the Advanced tab page click on the ApprovedFromList button and fill in the sender id list, one sender id on each line. You can also specify the DefaultFrom value, this sender id will be used if the sender has not specified the sender id or if that sender id is not in the approved list.