Getting started with Diafaan SMS Server

After installing Diafaan SMS Server and starting up the program for the first time the installation wizard asks you to add an SMS gateway and the default HTTP web interface. You can create additional SMS Gateways and Connectors later.

Enter the administrator password

The installation wizard asks for a password of the administrator (admin) account. This password is required to log in to the web application of Diafaan SMS Server.

Add a GSM Modem Gateway

Add a GSM Modem Gateway

  • Click Search to get a list of all installed GSM modems.
  • Select the GSM modem from the list.
  • If the SIM card needs a PIN code, enter it in the PIN code field.
  • Click Test to test the GSM modem and retrieve all information necessary to send and receive SMS messages with the modem.
  • If required, enter the GSM number and SMSC number of the SIM card.

or Add an SMPP Gateway

Add an SMPP Gateway

  • Enter the host name/IP address and port number of the SMPP server.
  • Enter the user name and password you received when you signed up for the SMPP account.
  • Click Test to test the connection to The SMPP server.

or Add a Clickatell Gateway

Add a Clickatell Gateway

  • Create a Clickatell HTTP account on the Clickatell website.
  • Enter the Clickatell HTTP API id, user name and password.
  • Click Test to test the connection to Clickatell.

Add a Web Connector

Add a Web connector

Send your first message

  • Start a web browser and use the web application on http://localhost:9710/ to log in to Diafaan SMS Server.
  • Log in to Diafaan SMS Server with the user name admin and the password you entered in the setup wizard.

Log on

  • In the To field you can enter multiple mobile numbers, separated by comma's.
  • Important! It is good practice to enter all mobile numbers in Diafaan SMS Server in international number format, starting with a '+' (e.g. +11234567890).

Send a message