GSM modem SMS software

Turn your GSM or 3G modem into a professional two-way SMS gateway.

Diafaan SMS Server screenshot Diafaan SMS Server screenshot

Wavecom GSM modem

Wavecom Fastrack Supreme GSM modem

GSM modem on the serial port
GSM modems are connected to your server or workstation with a serial port or USB connection. Connecting your GSM modem with a serial cable is a very secure way to use a GSM modem. No extra drivers are necessary and the cable can be fixed tightly to the server and the GSM modem. GSM modems are optimized for SMS and data transmission and often support advanced options like automatic resets and on-board software.

GSM modem on the USB port
If you do not have a free serial port available, your GSM modem can be connected to the server with a USB to RS-232 serial port converter. The only difference with a direct serial port connection is that an extra software driver is necessary. The driver installs a virtual serial port that is then used by the SMS software. Some GSM modems, like the Huawei E220, are connected directly to the USB port.

Siemens tc35i GSM modem

Siemens tc35i GSM modem

GSM phones
Most GSM phones support the GSM 07.05 standard and can be used as a GSM modem. For non-supervised systems, a dedicated GSM modem is a more secure option but for less critical applications a GSM phone is a very cost-effective way to send and receive short messages. A GSM phone can be connected to the server in a number of ways. On older phones a serial port connection is often available, newer phones usually support a USB connection or bluetooth.

Most smartphones can be used with short message software to send messages but often not to receive messages. The reason is that older phones store the received SMS messages on your phone's SIM card, the short message software reads the message list from the SIM card and then removes them to make room for new messages. Most smartphones like the Nokia Symbian phones store the messages in the internal memory of the phone and cannot be read out by the SMS software.

Huawei E220 USB GSM modem

Huawei E220 USB GSM modem


  • Full Unicode support for SMS messages in Chinese, Russian, Arabic etc.
  • Delivery confirmation after the message is received on the handset.
  • Support for long multipart SMS messages.
  • Support for data messages with or without message header.
  • Comprehensive logging of sent and received messages and error events.
  • E-mail notification of error events.
  • For Windows XP SP2/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008