Gateways and connectors

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Gateways and connectors

gateways Gateways

Diafaan SMS Server uses gateways to interface with SMS and other messaging services. The following gateways are supported:


All editions:

gsmmodem GSM Modem gateway

Diafaan SMS Server can use GSM modems and SIM boxes to send and receive SMS messages. This includes a broad range of devices like the Sierra Wireless Fastrack, Cinterion, Wavecom, Siemens, Nokia, Huawei or Option GSM modems and a large number of normal GSM phones.


clickatell Clickatell gateway

Clickatell is a world leading communication provider specializing in bulk messaging services and SMS gateway connectivity. Diafaan SMS Server makes use of the Clickatell HTTP interface to send SMS messages.


diafaan16 Emulator gateway

The Emulator Gateway emulates sending and receiving SMS messages. This gateway can be used to test the configuration of Diafaan SMS Server without actually sending or receiving any SMS messages.


Basic- and full editions only:

smpp_gateway SMPP gateway

SMPP is a high performance two-way SMS protocol that is supported by a large number of online SMS providers. Use the SMPP Gateway to send and receive SMS messages with an SMS operator over an Internet connection. The SMPP Gateway supports SMPP version 3.3 or 3.4.


pager Paging gateway

Send messages to pagers and GSM phones with an analog or ISDN modem or an Internet connection. The Paging Gateway supports the IXO/TAP and UCP 01 protocols over a modem connection and the SNPP, SMTP (email), WCTP and UCP 01 protocols over an Internet connection.


scriptinggateway Scripting gateway

Use the scripting gateway to send and receive messages to messaging services like email, SMS or internet services. The scripting gateway is also used to change the recipient, message text etc. and to dispatch the message to a different gateway. The scripting gateway supports scripts in C# and Visual Basic .NET.


smsprogateway Hypermedia SMS PRO gateway

Send and receive SMS messages with the Hypermedia HG-7000. The Hypermedia HG-7000 SMS PRO gateway is a professional multi-port wireless SMS gateway device with support for 4 - 32 GSM modem modules.


httpgateway HTTP gateway

Send and receive SMS messages with an online SMS service.


connectors Connectors

Connectors are used to connect Diafaan SMS Server with other software. This can be a database, email system, web server and more. The following connectors are supported:


All editions:

web Web connector

The Web connector uses a built-in web server to send SMS messages and query the status of previously sent messages. The web connector can also be used to post received messages to webpages. It has a built-in web application to make sending and receiving SMS messages very easy.


email Email connector

Email is converted into SMS messages with a built-in SMTP server or with a connection to an external POP server. The email connector can also forward SMS messages to an email address.


sqlconnector SQL connector

The SQL connector provides the connection to the database you want to use. It supports three database tables, one for messages to send (MessageOut), one to store received messages (MessageIn) and a table to log sent or failed calls (MessageLog).


scriptinggateway Scripting connector

Use a script to send SMS messages and process received messages. A simple script might send an SMS response to a received SMS message. The scripting connector supports scripts in C# and Visual Basic .NET.


excelconnector Excel connector

 The Excel Connector can import messages from spreadsheet files and export received messages and logs to .CSV (comma separated values) files.


Basic- and full editions only:

smpp_gateway SMPP connector

The SMPP connector accepts incoming connections from one or more SMPP clients. The SMPP connector supports SMPP protocol versions 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0.


protocol Protocol connector

Use legacy paging clients that support the TAP/IXO, SNPP, UCP or ESPA 4.4.4 protocols to send messages via Diafaan SMS Server.