scriptinggateway Scripting connector

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scriptinggateway Scripting connector

Edit connector script

Click on the Edit C# Script or Edit Visual Basic .Net Script link to edit the script. Use the Compile button to check if the script has syntax errors.





If the script uses functions that are not in the System.dll assembly, a reference to the required assembly DLL must be added in the comment section at the top of the script. For instance to add a reference to the System.Data.dll assembly in a C# script you can insert:


// AddReference System.Data.dll


At line 3 in the script.


The reference can be the full path name of the DLL file if it is not a standard .NET assembly.



Advanced properties


Log all trace log communication to file. You can use this option in combination with the PostTraceLog script function to debug your script. If enabled, the status windows of the Scripting connector provides a link to the location on the hard disk where the file is stored.



Enable or disable HTTP callbacks for this gateway. This option is only available when the HTTP callback option is enabled in the general options.



List of allowed destination numbers (to address) for outgoing SMS messages, messages to other numbers are blocked. When the list does not have any items, messages to all numbers are allowed.


For more information about the white list and black list format see: Use white lists and black lists.



Connector skeleton script

The connector skeleton script that is installed after adding the gateway makes it easier to handle events and provides a number of methods you can use to send messages and add log entries.





OnMessageReceived is called when an SMS message is received.


OnSendMessageResult is called when a message result is received from a previously sent message.


OnSendMessageResultUpdate is called when a message result update was received.




PostSendMessage initiate sending an SMS message.


PostEventLog adds a line to the event log.


PostTraceLog Adds a line to the communication file.