diafaan16 Emulator gateway

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diafaan16 Emulator gateway

Emulator Gateway properties




Failure percentage

The percentage of messages that are flagged as failed by the Emulator Gateway, the messages fail with error code 1640 and error text "Randomly generated error".


Send delay

The minimum number of seconds between each emulated message.


Receive ... messages per ...

If this value is larger than '0', the Emulator Gateway generates one or more received SMS messages every second, minute, hour or day.



The text of the emulated received messages.


Loop back successfully sent messages as received messages

Convert all messages that are flagged as 'sent' by the Emulator Gateway to a received SMS message with the same message text.



Advanced properties


Log all HTTP Callback message_in requests from this gateway to a file.



The maximum number of messages this gateway will process in one batch. If this value is higher than one and a number of messages are sent at the same time, the gateway loads multiple messages concurrently. This increases the speed in which the messages are sent.



A list of 24 hour numbers (separated with semicolons) when sending messages with this gateway is paused. The hour number can be appended with .1, .2, .3 or .4 to specify the first, second, third or fourth quarter of the hour. If the messages cannot be sent with another gateway, they stay in the send queue until the quiet hours are over and this gateway resumes message sending.

00;01;23 pauses message sending from 23:00:00 to 01:59:59.

12.1;12.2;18.1;18.2 pauses message sending from 12:00:00 to 12:29:59 and from 18:00:00 to 18:29:59.



Enable or disable HTTP callbacks for this gateway. This option is only available when the HTTP callback option is enabled in the general options.