sqlconnector Add an SQL connector

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sqlconnector Add an SQL connector

The SQL connector provides the connection to the database you want to use. It supports three database tables, one for messages to send (MessageOut), one to store received messages (MessageIn) and a table to log sent or failed calls (MessageLog).


Connect to the database

If you use a Microsoft SQL Server (Express) database you can provide the information necessary to connect to the database in the dialog box.




For other database programs you have to enter the ODBC or OLE DB connection string for your database and the SQL flavor (use ANSI SQL-92 if your database manufacturer is not in the list).




Create the database

The wizard lets you create a Microsoft SQL Server (Express) automatically, if you want to use a different database you have to create the database tables manually. On the following pages you can find the database table definitions for some popular database programs.

Create a MySQL database

Create an Oracle database

Create a Microsoft Access database

Create a PostgreSQL database


Use an existing database

If you used the wizard to create the Microsoft SQL Server (Express) database you are done. However if you use another database program or want the SQL connector to use an existing database with a different table layout you have to provide the table and field names manually.




For each SMS message field you can enter the corresponding database field name. In the Send SMS tab page you can also use double quotes to indicate fixed values. In the example below the To part of the SMS message is not retrieved from the database but all messages are sent to number +44xxxxxxxxxx.




The SQL connector can use more fields, like the SMS message type or the gateway name you want to use to send the messages. These fields can be entered in the advanced properties of the SQL Connector Properties.


Log all messages to the SQL Connector

By default, the SQL connector only logs the messages that are sent from the same connector but it is also possible to designate one SQL connector to log all messages in Diafaan SMS Server. This option can be enabled in advanced settings of the general options (menu options 'Actions-Options-Advanced').