smpp_gateway Add an SMPP gateway

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smpp_gateway Add an SMPP gateway

Only available in Diafaan SMS Server - basic and full editions.


SMPP is a high performance SMS protocol that is supported by a large amount of online SMS providers, SMPP stands for Short Message Peer to Peer protocol. In the SMPP server setup wizard you can enter the account information supplied by your SMS provider.  




Source address

Some SMPP operators require that you send a source address or sender id with each message. The default source address will be used for each message where the user does not provide a source address. If the SMPP operator only allows a limited number of valid source addresses it is possible to disable user specific source addresses or to add a list of valid source addresses in the advanced settings.



After initial installation, the SMPP gateway uses a conservative setting that is compatible with most SMPP servers. If your SMS provider supports advanced features like asynchronous (windowed) operation enabling the AsyncModeWindowSize option in the advanced settings can increase the sending speed considerably.