Connect to Microsoft Exchange Server

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Connect to Microsoft Exchange Server

Your entire organization can send and SMS messages from Outlook and receive SMS messages in their Outlook Inbox if you connect Diafaan SMS Server with your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010 or 2013. Diafaan SMS Server uses standard internet protocols to connect with Exchange Server.



Step 1: Install Diafaan SMS Server

Diafaan SMS Server can be installed on the server where Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 is installed or on a separate server or PC in your network. When you choose to install Diafaan SMS Server on the machine where Microsoft Exchange Server is installed, you have to perform an extra step to ensure that the SMTP servers in Diafaan SMS Server and Exchange Server do not interfere with each other.


Older versions of Microsoft Exchange Server can also be connected with Diafaan SMS Server, but only when the two programs are installed on different servers in your network.



Step 2: Add an Email Connector to Diafaan SMS Server

The second step in the integration with Microsoft Exchange Server is to add an Email Connector in Diafaan SMS Server. You can select the default options in the setup wizard, specific options necessary to integrate with your Exchange Server installation can be changed later in the Email Connector Properties.



Step 3: Add a Send Connector to Exchange

Exchange uses Send Connectors to forward email to an external email server. You can add a new Send Connector in the Exchange Management Console.


Send Connector


Send Connector Address Space

The address space defines which email messages will be forwarded to Diafaan SMS Server. In this example the address space is set to This means that all email messages to the domain (e.g. will be sent through Diafaan SMS Server.




Send Connector Smart Host

In the Network Settings you can specify the location of the Diafaan SMS Server Email Connector. In the picture below the location is set to localhost, the same computer where Exchange is installed. If Diafaan SMS Server is installed on another computer you can enter the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the computer.





Step 3a: Change Diafaan SMTP Port

In the installation example in step 3 there is an obvious conflict between Diafaan SMS Server and Exchange. Since both programs are installed on the same computer and both use an SMTP Server on the same SMTP port one of the SMTP Servers will not work (probably the SMTP Server used by Diafaan SMS Server). To solve this conflict the SMTP port in the Email Connector of Diafaan SMS Server should be set to an unused port, for example 26. You can also change the message template to define which parts of the email messages are sent as the SMS message.




The same port number must now be set in the Send Connector in Exchange. Since this is not possible in the Exchange Management Console, you have to do this with a shell command in the Exchange Management Shell:

Set-SendConnector -identity "DiafaanSMSServer" -Port:26




Sending SMS messages from one of the Outlook clients should now work, you can try it out by sending an email message to email address <gsm-number>, (depending on the address space for the Send Connector you supplied).



Step 4: Use the Receive Connector in Exchange

If you want to use Diafaan SMS Server to forward received SMS messages to email users you can use (one of) the SMTP Server in Exchange. The default SMTP Server in Exchange accepts email from an SMTP Client with basic authentication after TLS encryption is enabled. Diafaan SMS Server can use basic authentication in plain text or over a TLS encrypted connection.




Check to see if Basic Authentication is enabled.




Set the email properties

In the Receive SMS tab page you can specify what Diafaan SMS Server should do with the received SMS messages. In the example below the SMS message is replied to a  previously sent email message (if available)




Set the Exchange SMTP Server

If Exchange Server is installed on the same computer as Diafaan SMS Server you can set the server to localhost. If it is installed on another server, you have to enter the IP address or Fully qualified Domain Name of the computer where Exchange is installed. If your Exchange Server accepts email over a TLS encrypted connection you should also set encryption to STARTTLS.


To change the format of the email message, select Edit email template for received SMS messages on the Email templates page. The From Address Template can be set to [from] (depending on the address space for the Send Connector) to allow receivers of the SMS message to reply to the message.


That is all, forwarding received SMS messages to email should now work. You can test it by sending an SMS message to the GSM modem.