smsprogateway Add a Hypermedia SMS PRO gateway

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smsprogateway Add a Hypermedia SMS PRO gateway

Only available in Diafaan SMS Server - basic and full editions.


Hypermedia systems provides a range of wireless voice and SMS hardware gateways aimed at the banking sector, health care, manufacturing, governments, mobile service operators and other demanding markets. The Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway is a professional multi-port wireless SMS gateway device with support for 4 - 32 ports.


Client ID

The Client ID can be freely chosen. If another client logs in with the same ID as an existing client then the new client will cause the disconnection of the old client and a message will be sent to each indicating this, therefore it is recommended that each new client that connects to the gateway should use a unique ID. Note that if no ID is given, a unique ID will be generated for the client by the gateway.




SIM card routing

The SIM card routing options can be used to assign a specific SIM card in the Hypermedia SMS PRO Gateway to this Gateway. It is also possible to assign a GSM number to the SIM card that is used as the To field for messages that are received on this SIM card. In the Hypermedia SMS PRO gateway properties you can assign more than one SIM card to the Gateway.